What is a Side Pot in Online Poker?

If you are new to poker, you might notice that in certain games and the players guide, there are 'side pots'. It is important to understand exactly what these side pots are and why they can be found in some games but not in others.

What are Side Bets?

When a player is playing the game in a specific room does not have enough chips to bet, they can still bet their remaining chips and create a side bet. So, if the bet is worth $75 but they only have $50, they can bet the remaining $50. They can still have a chance of winning the pot, but they will not win the entire pot. In some games, more than one side bet can get started, depending upon how the gameplay goes.

Benefits of Playing Side Bets

Side bets are beneficial for players who might have an excellent hand and shot at winning, but who do not have the necessary funds for placing the correct bet. He or she can then go 'all in', and have a chances of winning and rebuilding their chips. Side pots are played the same as normal pots and all the same rules apply.

The next time you are in a game and you do not have enough chips to bet, try betting all in and creating a side pot. If you happen to be in a game and a side pot occurs, pay close attention to how it is played players tips and advices so that you understand better how to play in the future if you happen to create a side pot on your own.