Tips for Bluffing in Low Limit Poker

The bluff is an overused move in online poker, and many players tend to do it all the time, therefore rendering its benefits as impotent. If you are new to poker, you can utilize some important tips for bluffing while playing low limit poker.


If you notice that all the players are checking the players guide, for the chances are that none of them have anything worth playing. A good bluff in this situation can be effective and can score you the pot without a lot of work. This is one of the instances in which bluffs are beneficial. If you raise or call in this situation, the players are likely to fold, and you can quickly and easily have the pot.

The Blinds

You can also utilize the bluff in a situation in which individuals are low on chips and they are looking to make a stand with a really great hand. When they are in this position, they are not likely to stand up to a raise from you, so you can easily take them down quickly and chances of winning is good. Be careful, though, because if they do stand, the chances are that they have a better hand than you may have originally thought.

Beware of overusing the bluff. If you can identify the areas in which the bluff can be used effectively and successfully, it can be a great ally to you, but if you are bluffing constantly, it is not going to be very useful. This is especially true when you start using it around more experienced players.